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To educate and involve students in the election process, create an informed electorate and involve young people and their families in effective civic engagement.

Education, Event and Election:

Our education begins with an online PDE-accredited course for teachers.  The online curriculum has trained over 400 teachers and involved approximately 100 elementary, middle and high schools using age-appropriate modules.

Our annual KidsVention for 5th and 7th grade students is a mini political convention without partisan politics.  Students are engaged through debates on topics of interest to them.  Students then vote on the pro and con positions. KidsVention is patriotic, entertaining and encourage citizenship decision making, and critical thinking through voting.  students and chaperones in the last KidsVention was over 2500.

We also offer online elections for students.  The program delivers a democracy-based curriculum for students form kindergarten through high school.  After receiving grade appropriate classroom activities on the election process, students are eligible to cast ballots at their school and at home through online computer voting.   Over 26,000 students voting in our last presidential election.